im sorry

am i crazy? i mean like really really the crazy one? is this my fault karma? was it me that fucked everything up? my heart is scared that these will be anwsered with a yes im scared because a part of me thinks it is very likley . i know that im not perfect and […]

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morning rant

have you lost a large gap of time? like so large that you feel like your in a limbo or dont even know if your alive or dead? have you ever a blackout that was longer then a few hours? day? weeks? how about years? i know it sounds crazy but that is what i […]

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check in

i been cooking in an oven all day i swear if i had to take a wild guess the way i felt today would be how i would think it would feel to cook alive in an oven its so hot and i mean it fucking hot its hot and dry and hard to breath […]

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another day down

you when you might know some of the cause of the bad feelings your having but you dont know why you cant seem to handle or control them like you somehow went through a change that was backwards and you almost like a kid again a kid melting down without a way to sooth i […]

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mealt down

how can you go about life like i never happened? you are the one who hurt me remeber? so how did i get on the begging end of this and you like always made it out on top why am i sorry why am i lonely why am i begging why is that i am […]

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daily check in

there were times in the past that i thought and really beleaved that i was at my bottom , there was a pain each time that was always worse then the last and every time i wasnt able to see a light at the end of the tunnle but here i am today years later […]

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