Television talk show…. (young and homeless)

I guess in all actuality i have been homeless off and on my whole life from the moment i was born. But this last time is what i would have to say sticks out farther from the rest. Its been 10 years… i was 19 when my mother had a change of heart and life style one i didnt fit into or what she felt i would clash with so under a fake 2 week time frame she moved out under my noise. Given our history i dont know why it shook me up so hard or why i felt so hurt i mean thats her get down its what she has always done. But this time she moved 5 hours away and took not only my little brother with her but my daughter as well. The next 5 years in my opinion did the most damage to my i guess life path. In a blink of an eye all the years worth of hard work in group homes unraveled and i was right back to lost broken damaged kid i went to foster care as. And again i was alone not just lonely or isolated but completely alone. Luck for me i was use to “winging” it and had become a solid master at it. So it began life on streets stressing hustling running around trying to lock in some kind of security and a any form of place to rest my head for if nothing else a few hours of rest. I had no job i didnt finish high school but i was in the wait stage of getting my ssi granted witch took about 3 years. In that time i continued that unstable stressful life. At some point my younger brother had came back to town to visit and my mother forgot to come back and pick him up so a fire was lit under my ass and within two weeks i got a job at target and my 1st studio apartment. Due to the reasons i was waiting for ssi the job didnt last long and once again it was a hurricane of chaos and stress i lost the studio and moved into a townhouse with my brother and his father which was also my childhood abuser. It was at that time my ssi was granted and the first block of stress was lifted from my fragile spine. The time spent with the monster that rob me of my innocence at the age of 3 was emotionally draining. And it took every bit of energy i had to uphold a mask and play nice. But like all skeletons do eventually my came bursting out of the cage and closest and things began to go down hill again. I got pregnant with my 3 child and that added a heap of new stress i had lost 2 kids to cps in a traumatic and unfair way and i was terrified to lose another one. My step dad kicked me out and out of desperation i moved to Oregon to work at a family friends daycare and to have the baby away from the corrupt sonoma county cps. I selpt on play mates and opened up for her at 4 am i work for room and board and i had the baby with the story that i had came to visit for graduations and ended up not feeling up to the trip back i had a beautiful baby boy without the baby thieves torment but Oregon was only temporary and when my son was 3 days old i took my only option which was a start to another tragic heartbreak. I could go on and on but to sum it up I have experienced many tragic events and i take full responsibility for my part in all of them i do full heartily believe and live by the law of karma but.. karma is not what keeps me homeless I am not fully to blame either myself along with so many remain homeless due to a world filled with judgement limitations and separation no one wants to talk to interact or hire a homeless person writing us all off as lazy drunks and shady tweaks never stopping to think about what more to their stories could there be like mental illness physical disability emotional damage etc its easy to look away complain and judge it takes guts heart and mind to have unlimited compassion empathy and understanding and it takes so much more to the little things to help out wither it be a donation of can goods 20$ in the parking lot a blanket warm jacket or a simple smile and hello but people theses days are so caught up in their own fucked off heads with their ignorant outlooks and their tunnel vision. I personally am what the government calls emotionally disabled and i have a extended background trail that displays how this has effected me my whole life still i try and i try and i have optimism and faith and i try

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