loves limits????

when love takes a turn or starts to come apart what is the right thing to do? I mean is there even a right when it comes to love? is love without limitation? are limits right or wrong? when you love another person is not something even if just 1 thing different from the rest of the relationships in your life? so if different enough to be given a claim of love are they not in somewhat of higher stance? does that mean get more leeway? I’m not saying that they have the right and pass to walk over or completely control the terms on the relationship but for myself I forgive because NOTHING is worth losing him. I sacrifice because NOTHING is of more sentimental value. I compromise because NOTHING is more important then to see his smile ,hear his laugh, or feel his touch. I have thought I was in love when I was younger but I know now that this is without doubt my 1st time. life is full with ups and downs and couples fight some more then others,and my relationship has gone through some pretty tough times some pretty ugly times and when people in my life that care about witness those not so good moments they develop an opinion. at 1st I used to get upset or feel judged today I can truly appreciate the cards concerns and worries of the ones I love and much of the time I agree BUT what’s enough or when do we call quit when in Love? are there some things that not even love can fix? and if so how do you really know how can we be assured that we won’t live the rest of our days wondering if we made the right choice by walking away?

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