Im aware of the voices and i know that they are from inside my head. I wonder if that old saying “if your crazy you don’t know it” because I am the 1st one to consider that a possibility maybe even the only possibility. So if I am awear of things that usually indicate that a person is crazy then am i crazy or am I not crazy? I can’t pin point the exact day that I started to notice strange things or things that were just a bit off or different but I know that I am in fact different and i am pretty sure that I always was. I can’t really explain it it’s not a black and white matter it’s more like a swirl of colors or like a sprinkle of salt on a snowball. I don’t even really know how I know I just do. And that can be frustrating especially when I can’t explain to another person or back up an option of feeling . It has caused me much conflict and lost. People don’t want to be bother with strange and i don’t know if I blame them sometimes I don’t and wish I didn’t have to

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