homes not cells

for the past year and a half someone dear to me has been calling a empty field that has never been used for anything since i can recall, its not by any schools or houses its not in the public eye sight or where it gets in any ones way its keep clean and close to invisible so in fact unless you know what and where to look you would walk right pass it. with it being close to being illegal to camp anywhere there are very few and limited places that someone who is homeless can rest their head. this parictular place was chosen because last year my aunt christina passed away in the drain pipe she was also homeless. my mom whom this is based on didnt get a chance to say her goodbyes and being there helped her get through the dark days without her best friend and sister.
right before this last storm with out any warning the sheriffs and cal trans went to her camp to tell her that she had 72 hours 72 HOURS thats less then 3 days unless you pack without sleep to gather her belongings her house her pets that are three momma cats whom all recently gave birth to litters of kittens and leave didnt tell her where she could go that would be safe from harassment or from being forced to brake the law because it is a mistominor to be homeless or found on the train tracks. all just days before this last storm. i mean wtf?! right? i dont understand how any human with even only half a heart could go and harass someone who is at such low place in life. it pisses me off when i hear about these “calls” about people who are |”traspassing when they are found in an unused lot of land or building or even a dumpster i mean come on people i would think and for myself the 1st thing that comes to my mind when i see this is “is there any way i can help ” whether it be spare change or a jacket a smile or even a simple hello.unless some kind of crime is being comitted i would’nt even think about calling the cops to report some who clearly going through a hard time and who clearly needs help. its scary to think of the heartless type of human that think they have a right or duty to this curl act. and that is just what it that is a crul act because even though for the person who is making a call or complaining about the homeless for the homeless and not just the one whom the complant is about for homeless as a hole it plays a huge part in making it damn near impossible to live unless you are a rich person and that is wrong. it is inhuamne and its shamefull we are all equal and we are all americans who deserve to live the american dream

“this land is your land this land is my land from california to the new york island from the redwood forest to the gold stream waters this land was made for you and me”

do you recall singing this song in school as a kid? i do and it dawns on me that this song is one of the 1st lies we are fed.

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