Calling on all animal lovers

So being a Gemini I have myself spread all over with a few different projects I mean how can you only choose one cause and ignore the rest I know it seems childlike but from the bottom of my heart before I leave this world I want to make some changes people are so quick to complain about how our world is ran but at least half of the those people don’t do anything about it they don’t even vote but that’s another post my focus with this entery is to shine some light on a matter that is urgent and i am reaching out to the world because I can’t do it on my own there is a gofundme and twitter page with links and information about bails 4 tails and 4fultons 4gotten with are in the seedling stage being done out of my home along with a small team of people who care for people and life we serve stray animals and homeless people by providing meals clothing and foster care for strays pay from own pocket for vet cost and supplies  and with being on a  fixed income due to emotional disabilities it’s hard please spread the word and check out our story as well as on Twitter at @ Urena_Christina and on gofundme email being and thank you and god bless

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