in love with the life inside my head

i do love you very much and i want to think that we are still in love oh god do i , but its clear that something is different between us and some love has been lost it stings to even think but t we show it in in our actions and in the way that we treat each other people who love each other do not treat each other the way we treat each other. its not suppose to be possible to talk the way we talk to a person that you love. humans im starting to think are under a false understanding of just what love is. i ask myself “well then what are you doing to do? and how long until you do it”? i can only think of one reply ” because i love him, and because i cant see a life without him ” but the truth is i am already living a life without him our talks are mean our tempers short and our bed is cold. i dont how or when things got so bad but i can tell by the ice that its been a while and heart becomes confused torn and doesnt know how to feel its like i dont want to go because ill miss but at the same time i l ready miss you

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