Housing not handcuffs

It starts out like any other day and as you go along like usual all of a sudden boom it strikes you. The impact sends you to the floor and the ground beneath you crumbles and quakes This is all metaphorically speaking, only the person who can feel any the experience above is is one that is going through being attacked by the bullies who insist on running things. What anyone on the outside would see if probably a homeless person in a random road of camp and a cop or cops talking to them ( harrassing) depending on the day time person and cop but in that moment that person is having a piece of their being killed that person is getting one more reason to lose hope and that person is left alone to short out all those feelings it’s not right and it’s inhumane no body should feel like that being homeless is hard enough as it is it’s wrong to add on to it with heartless actions and words don’t focus on the neg or problem be a part the change that gives hope

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