I went to help a friend recycle she’s older and not in great health she has a routine in the summer summer where she goes to a weekly festival and collects the recycles I go with her to help her because when I go with her I I make a six hour trip turn into a 2 hour my age and health are advantages for that but last night when we were doing it I was approached by an older woman claiming that I wasn’t allowed to do it recycling at means because she was wanting out the cans and they followed me around making sure I wasn’t touching any of them so I went and sat in the car about a half-hour later my friend came to the vehicle with a smile on her face to show me that she had gotten $20 from somebody at the festival and a thank you for picking up and doing the recycling I’m not mad at her if she’s interested in that and she has a heart of gold but it just disheartening the way people are so judgmental and they make judgments off of appearance I get mean looks rude comments N so on for the way I look and people make a lot of assumptions I get hurt but then I get mad they don’t know me of my story it’s not like I’m breaking into houses or being a criminal I’m fucking helping the global warming issue I’m fucking recycling people now days have. No compassion and it makes me sick

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