Rip dad

the 1st time you left i was 6. you left because you didn’t deserve to be caged like an animal and you fell victim to the us government who see CRIMINAL like you as dollar signs. you also made the selfless choice to allow me a chance at life without the need to go underground (not cool for a 6 year old) and for that i thank you. I was sad when you left and there were times that i got hook on daddy issues but when in my right mind I know in my heart that my daddy issues didn’t stem from you I know you loved me and I know that you did what you thought was the best choice not right or wrong but the best out of limited choices…. and now I get news that you are gone gone shot in a blood bath war zone that my (us president) locked down with his bullshit wall kick. I was able to heal and accept not saying good bye be for because in my heart I knew it was goodbye only see you whenever I see you but now…this… I feel like that 6 year old waking up in the middle of the night to all the adults rushing packing and stressed and that pit from confusion and worry and no idea as to what’s going on i dont know why or how and i will never get to say goodbye or anything I wanted to tell you… so ..goodbye dad I guess I’ll see you when i get there

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