They hide behind a badge

when I think about the difference between cops and cons I get amazed every time I realize that they aren’t too different from one another my guess would be that the main differences are mind set and outlook. political mentality plays a part as well I’m guessing. but both are human both breath feel and bleed. why is it then that the cops seem to have the idea that they are some how above and better then? why do they get to brake laws violate human rights and harass stock and abuse? something that is important for me to make clear is that it is what the do outside the job script that breeds fear it’s the behind the seance beatings and harassment and it’s the violation of human rights that make them the bad guy. it’s clear that the hunger for power takes over a lot over many of the law enforcement community leaving them addicted and Jonesing for more. acting like a puppet master to these clowns that portray themselves as God’s or kings when really they are no more then paid tattle tails bullies with a badge and by far the most horrible hypocrites

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