thank you everyone

i wanted to take a few moments to say to all wonderful people who took time out of their lives to drop me a comment it means more then you know and i love you all for it! i have never been an outgoing kind of person i have let fear run and control my life , one of the things i fear most is to be judged or laughed at it brings up a lot of dark past memories from my childhood and it just sucks when i read all the beautiful comments i cried and cracked a smile so big it almost broke my face! thank you all for the support and the feedback and for blessing my posts with your time it has boost my confidence and add fuel to my writing fire i was really worried when i 1st started i know how hectic my brain works and just how random and wired it can be at times i didnt want to run anyone off or sound dumb when i read what you sweet people had to say it just like gave me hope and it feels so good knowing that there are people who listen / read what i put up because that is why i have a wordpress to get my words out in the world and not let my anxiety limit me any longer so thank you guys thank you for the support and i really am just so happy that my writings and post can be heard by ones who may find beauty in them or learn something god bless you all

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