if you want something done right you have to do it yourself i guess

today my best friend came to visit me we’ve been in a dry spell but she remains my bestie ok so anyways ahhh oh right ok so like we went to the gas staion we were only gone like 30 mins max hold up wait back it up a sec so when she showed up she had her dude with her ( side note – a dude = that one asshole who stands out from the rest with many years time and tears invested and still just flat out a dick face their not your man they are your man ya is broken up but let a bitch even think about hollering at him) me and him use to be good friends i met him from my man they use to call eachother brothers but thats a whole other post long story short we aint cool like that no mo but she (my bestie) is still and will always be my best motha fawkin friend sooooo blah blah blah she parked down the road chilling with fart knocker then since he does what fart knockers do it was then time for GIRL TIME so we talking catching up chilling and a lady walked by never seen her before she looked pretty off her rocker so when i corrected her from walking onto my inlaws property she walked off talking to herself and i didnt think anything of it i forgot all about her so we go to get gas i happened to take my dog with us i dk why it was like on auto we gone for 30 mins when we get back i see that my door is open and holy fuck shit trash and stuff MY stuff is scattered all over the road i jump out and go see that my house is tossed up like the damn police did an ice sweep but ah im native so that wasnt it the 1st thing i thought was my besties dude so she run to go check dude come to find out it wasnt him it was THAT FUCKING CRAZY HOE i dk how but i got like a flash and i run over to store and i see her holding my cat oh hell na bitch you have got to be crazy my fucking cat so i yell at ” hey wtf let my cat go bitch who the fuck do you think you are going in my house and why you got my fucking cat ” this hoe takes off running so i run after and aint it about a bitch (fucking murphy) (murphys law) my leg cramp up so i go back to get a bike im calliing the po pos they want ask the wrong questions i gave my 1st name she asked my last i said ” i dont anwser questions ” so you want our help but wont give your name ” you dont need to know my last name” ” well i ask so that the deputies will know who they are dealing with” ” well i dont know how you do it but when i greet someone i dont use their full names unless im talking to kids and they in trouble ” “ok well ill let them know you refuse to provide a last name” ” thats fine while you at it leme know that thats my constatuional right” ” k” ” in case your unclear of the job you took on this call is what we call asigned task see im the boss and you and all your little work buds are servents of the public you fight crime and right now the only thing you seem to be trying fight is your boss “click so between the time that i made the call and my friend got back picked me up and drove me in the direction that nutty nuts wen waking the good ol sonoma county sherffis finaly blessed us with their presents and of corse they never fail to hold their record of letting people like me down they didnt care about anything other my name and my story they didnt check her they didnt take her to jail and they didint find my or even ask her were my cat was i dont know i would do if they hadnt come to not save the day or bring justice yea right ill tell you what had i not know that they were on their way i would have gotten justice myself i would have beat the how down she might have been nuts but she wasnt stupid she knew what she did was wrong if she didnt she wouldn have ran right? but she was white im not and i guess they have an idea of who ever they think i am that is the last time i call them ill tell you that. its a shame and its fucked up that our cops are bullshit yes there are maybe like 2 every other 100 that are ok and who are in it to help and do good but they are so rare bu t it did add fuel to my fire and i will keep on learning and keep studying and keep growing and i am going to envest in a new door and lock as well as a camera well thats its for now i guess i just needed to vent and share that with you all stay safe and learn your laws and rights AND LOCK YOUR DOORS

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