check in and cat talk

we now have 5 cats our newest family member is jasper he is a simeease and even though he is about a 1 and 1/2 months younger than my little ones he is biger and he is just a doll for some reason he isnt liking the the cats so much but something tells me that he cant really see all that well because when he is walking up to one one of them he looks like he hes looking at them but then he gets right up to their face smells and then he hisses i hope in time things will chiil out cause he really is just a love bug he is a purrfect match for pat haha ha im not even kidding he is pats cat all the way and it is just so cute mini moo is pats too but mini moo and then girls arent that into us i mean yea they stay around and come in to eat but they dont like coming in before they are hungry put it this way unless they want to come in there is no just going and picking them up and bringing them in like i can do with moo moo no moo moo is my BABY and i wanted that for pat i think everyone should have a bond like the one that i have with moo moo and bell boo its a love that is just like the love between mother and child well its pretty darn close in my book.

and so now jasper is like that with pat the other day when he 1st came to our home he way laying down next to pat and when pat went to get up to use the bathroom jasper woke up and started looking for him and he even waited on the foot the foot of the bed till pat got back it was so cute and i can see in pats eyes that he is just in love with this little guy and its so cool to watch them together now if we could just get the cats to all get along we will once again be one big happy home and family gees 5 cats how is it that i get us into things like this lol no im playing i love each and everyone of them and i wouldnt give any of them up for the world oh…. im sorry but jasper is meowing and stepping in keybord he is really an attention how lol but i am going to take a quick break and attend to this lil fellow and when he is chilled and can be left to find something to do i will write more on the matter be back soon………7:50 am

7:56 saved by the bell lol i was laying back to relax my back and jasper was on my tummy in a little ball hes not too into bella yet ( my 2 year old boxer mix) so when she came in and jumped on the bed jasper took off under the bed bella is just really the best dog anyone could ever ask for she is gental and kind loving and warm and is the center of this house and our family i love her she is so good with our babies has never hurt them and lets them think they run things lol my bell boo girl is a good girl and i would crumble without her. love you bell boo girl.

so where was i… oh yes i need to come up with a way that all the cats will get along i dont want anyone to get hurt and its no fun when the house is upset i mean its stressful and not any fun for any of us so ill be looking into what i can do and if any of you guys have some tips or ideas im all ears well this is going to be just a short check i got so much to do and to put a dent in the yard work before the sun comes out it was 90 yesterday this heat is killing me and the cats and bell dont seem to care for it much either but after i a dent up my work load i will return and write some more 8:05 am

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