bye pat

love can be dangerous and it can blur your sight and thinking my love for pat was unhealthy and dangerous and twisted i allowed him to hurt me and i was sorry when i had no reason to be he would beat and run and i would chase and beg that only fed his ego it didnt make him feel guilt or shame or even regret only pride when he saw how much control and power he held its hard i struggle everyday but the point is that i wake up everyday and i do it a little bit stronger then the last its going to take some time a long time but someday i will be fully healed and i will know with out doubt that pat was a lesson many lessons in fact and i will be able to not only forgive but also thank him for his teachings and my freedom when he left he took a part of me with him but im starting to regrow that piece of me and when its done its going to be bigger better and stronger then what he took today i give thanks for all the love and support that i have in my life i choose to be happy and i choose to hand over my broken heart to god so that he can fill it with his love i dont have any hard feelings i dont wish pat no ill will in i pray that he finds happiness and that he is able to rid his heart from all that evil darkness in his heart

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