check in

i been cooking in an oven all day i swear if i had to take a wild guess the way i felt today would be how i would think it would feel to cook alive in an oven

its so hot and i mean it fucking hot its hot and dry and hard to breath its not comfortable to sit still walk around move sleep nothing i have wet myself down for head to toe a few times with the hose but i swear im driping wet one min and the next im bone dry i feel sick even bella and the kittes are unhappy they dont like this heat either

sorry i hella passed out that was some bomb bud thank u dar and mar so today is nice outside its 10 and the sun is out cousin john came over last night and is helping gpa in the yard that is great cus gpa cant do it alone and i cant be out there too long without getting a headache so this is perfect from what im understanding im ok here for a lilttle bit chp came and was parked outside but didnt come talk to me so fingers crossed.

i got a lot of the house done and all that needs to really be done is the trash but andy wont let me put in the trash trailer

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