Beautifully broken

Isn’t it funny how you can be surrounded by people have the hottest fuck buddies have good luck in everything you do yet.. feel so fucking alone? Feel so worthless and empty? Wishing you could give anything to trade it all just to have one person back to have him back? Knowing that no matter what you can’t no today not tomorrow and most likely not next week month or year. Having to know that he’s gone he’s gone for good this time everything yous shared with him is dead. Just painful memories of a time you thought you were so happy so complete so whole just to end up leaving you lost broken and confused in a blink of an eye….

Even if there’s a different man in my bed every night it’s only him I hold in my heart

They can be fine as fuck have big dicks and even eat pussy like a mother fucker

But… They are not him my body might be under some thunder buddy but my heart is with him it always has been and…it always will be even if he doesn’t want it

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