love me love me not love me

i dont know if ill ever get use to the fact that the 1st man i truly loved never loved me back or that after 7 years he could not only just walk away but ease me completely from his life like i never happened like we never happened like we dont have a son together no matter how hard i look i cant find him hes not in my world anymore. however this post is to shine some light on the fact that i get so caught up on missing him and his fake love that i end up overlooking all the beautiful true love that is all around me

he may be gone or maybe he was never here anyways but i have many people in my life who love me who really love me and who care about me and my life

who support me and my wellbeing my dreams my goals and my hopes who would never hurt me just to hurt me and all who take time out of their own lives to fill the holes in my heart

thank you

auntie v…. you will never know what you mean to me because i could never put it into words but you bring a light into my life and you warm my soul when im broken one of the 1st things i think is ” wheres auntie v ” i can just sit by you and your energy recharges me your love mends my wonds and you give me hope that a better day is just around the conner i cant say thank you enough so THANK YOU when you showed up tonight my soul cried because i have never had anyone care about me like that the person i thougth would who said they would left me to burn in the citys fire i sat there in my dark sad tin can alone scared and broken filled with hurt pain and fear then…. your music i heard your music and all those emotions desolved away thank you auntie thank you for all you do and thank you for loving me

mr vail meeting you has blown and opened my mind you are the 1st and only cop that treats me like im just a human i dont feel judged by you and i cant thank you enough for opening your house to me and allowing me and bella to stay the night safe away from the fire thank you for allowing me a fair chance to earn a judgement for allowing me to paint my own picture and for not tagging on lables like the rest of the world you made me rethink and see and different side of cops and you restored my faith in the law enforcement you truly are what police are suposed to be and i thank you for all you do for the community the people me and my people (auntie v)) thank you for living by the oath you took

i dont know much about mr vail i only just met him a few mos ago but what i do know is that he is a man with a big heart and who became a police officer because he wanted to make a differece he wanted to take care of and protect his commuinty and those who live in it he is always involed in some kind of charity and helps all he can but my most fav thing about this hot cop is that he has a good heart he dosent pass judgement and he treats everyone with respcet he has always made me feel welcomed and like im no different then any one of anyone else he interacts with i dont feel like im under a microscoop or that i need to walk on egg shells i can just be me and im acepted thank you mr vail to you it may not be that big of a deal but trust me when i say it is a huge deal and its meaningfull

back to auntie v for a sec i just want to say again thank you for you all you do thank you for coming to get me and not letting me burn i love you lady you is dee bomb

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