messages for gemini

flyer cards : 8 of swords + the star = between swords her eyes are coverd and she is tied up but looking lower you see her feet are free can get out she just doesnt know it to do so she must 1st take a moment to find her center and reach inside to figuar out what she needs to do free herself

the star a lady in the nude kneels at a stream filling a jug and with the other hand pouring a jug on the ground the sky is bright blue and there are 7 small stars surrouding a big bright one in the middle the land around is green and warm and alive at ease with not a trace of worry or stress being in the moment and living in the here and now the star lights the sky as well as your path out of the darkness so that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel the star tells you to have trust and good faith that you are a child of the universe and comos and you are loved you havent need to stress or worry and dont need to take on these burrends when you know in your heart that everything happens in divine timing all u need to worry about is to live every day thankful for not only the giftss but the lesson the univese provides and know that it is all part of helping us climb our spirit ladder

3 the pentacles 3 people sand together one is talking and to seem to be focused on what is being said our word is wand do not use it thoughtlessly and only use it to create positive creation surrond yourself with like mind people who will help you in creating the life you want and aviod those who jepordize bringing you down what is ment for us will come easy because it is owed to us by divine right we only are faced with hardship when we fight back and try to control what we think we should be have do and get open your minds eye and heart and ready yourself if you learn to trust let go and let god you will be blown away at how wonderful your life is suposed to be

the 8 of pentacles in revesed ; scattered energy maybe wating energy on unnessessary detail maybe in hopes to get same results with less the work could also mean greed being selfing losing sight that there is always more then enough to go around and that the more you give the more you get act with love kindess and care while being truly thankful and that is what you will get in return we can nothing with us when we die not even our bodies so dont put so much claim on things learn to let go

8 of wands this makes a total of three different 8s in the reading there is diffently lots of movement in all areas of life but of corse for us gemis the movement is mostly mental and emotional there are so many paths opions people choices and opportunities in life learn to balance all things you want in life not limit but balance so that you can enjoy success and fulfillment and skip all the self let down its not a matter of if you can reach your goals but how you can get there best

the over all energy is the hanged man its about having an illuion of being hung up stuck or trapped the man hanging doesnt take note that he has the key to unlock the chains that hold him if he could just think clearly and focus

for myself i am not in my best of head space after 7 years of what i thought was my happy ending he left me high and dry and has cut off all ties liike i never happened my county is on fire and he now lives right down the road from me and didnt even so mucb as send a fb message or a tweet to make sure i was ok knowing that i have no car and that i am alone on my own the smart twin inside me knows clearlly that i am better off without him that i deserve so much better and that he has not earned my love or forgivness but the softer twin is broken lost and misses him so bad it hurts that twin wants to take hold of the blame and gets down on ourself wishes on every star for his return and sends endless emails begging for another chance that twin also just cant see how to live without him and feels like ill never get back on my cause even if i did whats the point if hes not here luck;y the other twin knows that this too shall pass and that i can pick myself back up and i can rebuid ny life and make it bigger and better then ever before i am smart loving strong and able i do not need a man who abuses me to give me or my life meaning or reason

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