cards ; the 2 of swords and the lovers reversed death and the 8 of cups 5 of cups and the queen of cups reversed judgement reversed 9 of pentecals reversed the knight of swords

maybe your broken heart is at a dented cross road torn between two not so ideal suiters both having equal downfals and simular issuses however you are starting to or have already started to notice this truth and it hurts sometimes we stay in bad situations for as little as comfort maybe its not that you dont know that both of these choices are not the best but you are set on trying to find a way to make it work the 5 of cups is about getting hung up on what you feel you lost instead of what was gained and learned with the queen of cups being in reversed maybe you are not at your best at this time having an over flow of emotions all mixed and random even posibly having moments of lashing out and harsh melt downs having so many feelings and not knowing how to deal with them not to say that you are not allowed to feel these feelings its hard when we lose someone or thing it hurts when the one we love and want to be with is not a match or falls out of love with us but dont allow the hurt to overtake your thinking as a whole yes you can be sad that thingd didnt work out but no you cant burn their house down slash tires or cause them hurt its not fair or right focus on bettering your life and loving you everything else that is ment to be will fall into place allowing yourself to move and work through these feelings learn and grow from them and use every lesson as a chance to grow

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