Hello my beautiful Geminis I hope that all of you find yourselves in the highest spirits possible when reading this message I’ve been doing practice runs with readings and I’ve even done some readings for my rising sign which if you happen to be like me and be a Gemini sun sign and Scorpio rising the reading that I’ve done for Scorpio have definitely checked out and sit with the readings I’ve done for Gemini so basically I’m just going to post a very quick message without going through all of the cards one by one The general message that I’ve been getting is that a lot of Gemini’s are find themselves at the end of an era which goes hand-in-hand with the beginning of an era since we’re one door closes another one opens thank you maybe starting a new relationship or have discovered a new crush maybe developed a new romantic outlook on somebody new or somebody from the past or maybe looking at your current partner in a new light depending on the situation and depending on the circumstances of the relationship but for the most part I get the sense that Gemini is starting over they are putting their foot down and remembering their strength deep within they are beginning to realize and put into effect the law of loving oneself and setting boundaries along with enforcing them I feel like a lot of you are dealing with karmic relationships and that a good majority of Gemini’s are involved in a situation that involves more than just two players now whether that includes disloyalty or infidelity I’m not going to save 100% for sure that that goes along with it although it may for some but whether or not you act on it your heart is definitely at a crossroads maybe it’s been there for a minute and I’m sensing that if you have been separated from a karmic relationship that things are going to turn their direction and maybe the universe is going to open up things in offer a chance to see where that relationship goes again this is just a general prediction from the readings that I’ve been doing for some of you I feel like pregnancy maybe on the horizons or if you already have children maybe the return of your children if they are not in your care or adoption or adopting something like this meaning like an animal that you take on with a partner and raised together or something like that also I feel like some of you are getting it either getting back into school changing your masters or looking into other vocational training some of you may be getting a new career or advancing in your current career I definitely feel that Gemini has recently awaken to the need to not only be protective of oneself but one’s likelihood so maybe if you are the type of Gemini that just takes care of everything and everyone no matter what even if it means giving your very last and going without but I think that right now that whether it be a situation or a series of events that you’re seeing the importance of making sure that you put your own air mask on first and I think that we’re pretty good at reading ones vibrations and I want to encourage you to continuously go with that intuition is a very powerful tool and it is not to be abused or wasted I have not heard or experience of a time when one has regretted going with their intuition but time and time again I have experienced and heard of others regretting not going with their intuition so pay attention there are always signs all around from the universe and your Spirit guides be open to messages of any and all possible outcomes whether or not we believe that we think that they should work out any certain manner that universe knows best and always delivers on time so go with the flow it’s not sink or swim it’s simply learning to float all right Gemini I will be posting another reading soon within the next few days and we will be back to the normal layout of card by card but I hope that you got something from this and take what resonates leave the rest I’m always open for comments advice questions and tips love the feedback love my followers until next time bless it be

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