the first agreement

The first and most important of The Four Agreements is be impeccable with your word.

if you never lose sight of or forget that your word is your wand then keeping this agreement wont be that hard, the word is a very powerful thing and is a master tool of creation for each and every person on this earth. it is with your word that seeds are planted into the universe and it is the source that feeds those seeds as they grow into their manifestion phase.

it is with your word that reality is born weither of a possitive or negative nature is depended on the nature of the spoken word.

the words that spoken are the words that heard and the words that heard are the truths that are installed into the minds and hearts of those who hear it

each word spoken are like tiny spells that we cast throught the days of our lives and weiter we know it or not weither we beleave it or not we this is a true fact

god himself created the earth with a single word and with his word thereafter created all things inside of the earth jesus even stated ” For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

everyday without knowing we go about casting bad spells on others and in doing so all play a role in creating a harsh world filled of black magic and evil acts by darkened souls we get so blinded by the actions of others forgeting or not knowing to begin with the any and all spoken words had jump started that darkness that we are fast to pass judgement to spite more neg words and to feed the neg cycle

evil is not a person but inside of or around god did not make evil he only gave freewill and as long as we live in a world were both evil and freewill both exsist there will always be dark times

just give it a try and see if things dont turn up even just a little starting right now for lets say the next 7 days agree to keep any and all words that you speak possitive and without judgement of others even if you feel as though you have been wronged try to be the bigger person and keep a possitive energy not allowing ANYONE the power to bring neg energy into your temple

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