Hello my beautiful Geminis I hope that all of you find yourselves in the highest spirits possible when reading this message I’ve been doing practice runs with readings and I’ve even done some readings for my rising sign which if you happen to be like me and be a Gemini sun sign and Scorpio rising […]

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god i wish i could just master this whole LOVE thing already and that i would stop setting myself up to get fucked i get so caught up in the moment and i just get my heart so set on earning a persons love or acceptance that i give all i can i mean if […]

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cards ; the 2 of swords and the lovers reversed death and the 8 of cups 5 of cups and the queen of cups reversed judgement reversed 9 of pentecals reversed the knight of swords maybe your broken heart is at a dented cross road torn between two not so ideal suiters both having equal […]

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flyer cards : 8 of swords + the star = between swords her eyes are coverd and she is tied up but looking lower you see her feet are free can get out she just doesnt know it to do so she must 1st take a moment to find her center and reach inside to […]

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love me love me not love me

i dont know if ill ever get use to the fact that the 1st man i truly loved never loved me back or that after 7 years he could not only just walk away but ease me completely from his life like i never happened like we never happened like we dont have a son […]

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