bails 4 tails planning and start up

bail 4 tails is a dream that i have i want to do more then save a few lifes because even a millon wouldnt be enough i want to change the way we veiw and handle the taking of another life wither it be for food warmth tools or whatever. look i like meat sometimes WHEN i remeber that i like meat and if meat is whats around to eat then ill grub down on some bloody steak but i dont buy or cook meat if i do i can count all the times i have on my hands we dont need to eat meat but i wouldnt even allow myself to try to dream of ending that movement not in my life time at least but where i am starting and what i am aiming for is to change the way humans look apond the murdering and the breeding of live food. humans are the only life form that harvests breed etc our meals to be…

lions deer bears wolf birds fish sharks you get the point they dont go down to the local shore and stock up for the super bowl they dont end up wasting ANY of what they have claimed as food they eat when they need to eat let me repeat that they eat when they NEED to eat when they come to a point where they run out of fuel they eat get they vitals right and then they carry on untill the next time

humans are so worried that they will miss out or go without what the cool kids are eating well lets stop and dig a lil deeper you wouldnt have to worry if you could trust yourself and your pack members to all do your parts and to put in the work needed to be able to stay alive humans are the smartest dumbest creation on the face of the earth ( at least) lol

long story short cuz i looked up and oh boy am i rambling ah umm um um oh yea we doing it wrong all of it

but bails for tails is to be a cafe that houses cats and dogs that were once stray untill they can find a home or live their life out with us surving the community sharing their love a cafe to the public and a safe place from all the life risking battles for poor animals who are losing their lives by ton and its not cool its fucked up and it needs to stop life yesterday.