knowlage is the key to everything- learn teach share ask join the fight to make american a place to be proud of

i have been dealt some pretty fucked off hands and there were times i felt so helpless and that made me hopeless ive watched and heard of many people getting fucked over by the law and many have either went to jail on the run or even been killed families have been ripped apart and lives have been damaged not all people who commit a crime are criminals or bad people the law but mostly the law up holders can be so unfair unjust and totally uncalled for people make mistakes we all human the law is ment to keep us all safe and to ensure order that should go hand in hand with teaching when someone breaks a law (makes a mistake) they need to be at least given a chance to redeem theirself to pay th price and learn not locked away for endless amounts of time or be branded with a lable on their forehead saying ” hey i cant be trusted im a crook ” life is not only black and white like and the law is scattered and a bit general so you cant really get a persons background by a wrap sheet it doesnt give you details etc so i am learning my laws and constatuion and i welcome anyone who wants to learn with me im always open to new ideas and thoughts so please feel free to add anythng you feel will be a nice mix