learning tarot

so i have been doing tarot for a while and i have many logs but i wanted to start a log on here so that i can hopefuly get some advice and feedback tarot is something i have always felt a natural pull to and i really want to become a great reader and help people who need and want it. so i am going to start with a lesson from biddy tarot which is to pull a card and tell a story from what you see on the card im going to use me and talk as if i were in the card so after meditating for a min i ask my cards ( the everyday witch tarot ) what tomorrow was going to look like i shuffled cut and drew the

the nine of wands: standing by a tree looking like i have been through some tough events and struggles i have a bandage on my head and im holding two wands there are seven wands on the ground in front of me so clearly there was some kind of a battle like for example recently i have felt like is its not one thing its another and like things and people tend to be like road blocks wether they even mean to or not i get clustered fuck and feel like im spinning my wheels off the ground no matter what i do i can seem to get whatever it is that i am trying so hard to do and it feels like i am in a wonderland of some kind i hate not knowing whats real and whats not or who to trust and i hate when it comes time to weeding my life garden. but i think this card is saying that FOR NOW i have defeated and overcame the road blocks an instead of wasting time on worrying about what hardship is next to come i need to breath and enjoy the moment take what lessons came with the past struggles and grow from them there is a difference between being perpared by playing smart and being parinoid and wasting my time and life as well as energy but dewlling on what i dont want and in doing so attracting just that into my life

i dont know im just doing what the lesson said to do so i hope i didnt get it too wrong or sound too stupid.. lol

i will starting to do general readings to practice my tarot reading please feel free to leave feedback i welcome and give thanks for it so that i can know where i am doing good and where i need to work harder thank you for your support and for taking the time out of your day to come and join me on my journey blessid it be