here is my personal gmail and is my oldest one i have its my fall safe and one i have been lucky to not get locked out of or forget its password and fingers and toes crossed i dont plan on it!

please feel free to email me about anything you feel the need or desire to im always open to new thoughts and ideas and i love to offer mine to those who are open to hearing it and come on now sometimes its just nice to have a nice refreshing covo with another person that leaves you feeling as if your soul just grubed at hometown buffet lol damn i love that place

anyways so ah um um um ummmm oh so i got the outside of the trailer cleaned up and all the trash is baged and ready to be taken to a dumpster

today has been a fog i spelt pretty well i think im no longer in the top room im down in the livind room the top is now a temp home to all the stuff that was outside under the trailer and in the kitchen i packed it back there so that it doesnt look all crowed outside hey one less thing for them to bitch about right

ive thought about pat probaly about 100 times today and there is a heavy feeling in stomach that i cant qite put a title on but it doesnt feel pleasent and my mood is ahf i dont really know im not happy not sad not mad maybe a little stressed but im i cant think of anything i want to do or switch my energy to besides….

i wonder what hes doing.. whats he thinking has he thought about me even just once is he happy is he sad how was work i miss him so much i fucking hate that he left me like this alone to face this alone did he really stop loving me and did it really happen that fast how

then with a few shakes of my head and wipe of my eyes and of course a lick from bell boo i snap back to the now and remeber i need to get my game face on i mean duh i am like sitting awaiting chp…..

but ah yea you can reach me at THANKS blessid be