my first grow

so i started my 1st grow something in like either march or april im not sure 100 % im really bad with time frames and my memory is shot but i do know that in feb i had gotten some weed from a friend and it had hella seeds in it so i poped like 100 plus seeds in a water bottle and put on a shelf for a few weeks cause im a stoner and i tend to get stuck on whatever it is im doimg at the time but im sure that i didnt forget about them for too long then i put them in small pots and some were just random places on the ground some were poped and some were just seeds i had just thrown out the door cause i had already poped so much and didnt and couldnt have too many plants being that i am living in a small trailer on the edge of my in laws property. at 1st i just left the ones in the ground alone just watering them but just letting them do their own thing i spent my time on the ones i had in pots there were a lot but i gave a lot away to friends and family over the time i watered them and have given plant flood i also trim it a few times while topping them and there is clearly some new growth i am using miricle grow and some plant food that babe got me ill put the name later on plus i put coffee in in the soil they are doing really good and i hate not knowing all the right dates so when i plant the seeds that i have in water right now i am going to log eveything