messages for gemini

flyer cards : 8 of swords + the star = between swords her eyes are coverd and she is tied up but looking lower you see her feet are free can get out she just doesnt know it to do so she must 1st take a moment to find her center and reach inside to […]

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love me love me not love me

i dont know if ill ever get use to the fact that the 1st man i truly loved never loved me back or that after 7 years he could not only just walk away but ease me completely from his life like i never happened like we never happened like we dont have a son […]

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egg doner

i guess neither thought this day would come thats fair to say judging by history we share and the past were from our relation is a rare one not one that is seen everyday and not too many are able to understand the details of our interaction but thats cause no one knows our story […]

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pat elliot

maybe its karma bad luck a sick joke or just cause i dont know and i dont know if ill ever know but what i do that i know if that i have done my share of fucking up my past relationships and i want to take a moment to say that i am sorry […]

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it was during one of the rare times the house had power the master room was big enough for all us KIDS to chill away from the tweaker wonderland of a house we lived in there was a tv and an nintendo 64 and the best game we had was pokemon game cube. i had […]

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