egg doner

i guess neither thought this day would come thats fair to say judging by history we share and the past were from our relation is a rare one not one that is seen everyday and not too many are able to understand the details of our interaction but thats cause no one knows our story […]

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pat elliot

maybe its karma bad luck a sick joke or just cause i dont know and i dont know if ill ever know but what i do that i know if that i have done my share of fucking up my past relationships and i want to take a moment to say that i am sorry […]

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it was during one of the rare times the house had power the master room was big enough for all us KIDS to chill away from the tweaker wonderland of a house we lived in there was a tv and an nintendo 64 and the best game we had was pokemon game cube. i had […]

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what is it then

i am really loving the results im seeing from this new anti couch patato plan i came up with and ive been sticking to i mean i am really proud it gets easier everyday and im not sore after workouts anymore ive lost 35 pounds and my tummy is finally getting with the program and […]

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35pounds lighter

Try something new he said. Change he said well definitely new to me is this whole workout thing i NEVER dreamed I would end up being some gym fean lol but it’s fucking …..WORTH ALL the struggle cramps chest pain etc lol it started off light and slow I been at it for about 1 […]

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Sitting here in the dark cold and alone I miss u more then ever I miss I so much it hurts and I just need to hold u I need to hear ur voice I’m sorry

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